Why everything is SuperChroma

I have been busy recently working on a number of new paintings which explore base colours. The paintings are based on the familiar shapes and forms which I love, but they seek to look at how they are influenced and shaped by the colour that creates them. I guess this is the basis for my thinking around their title of SuperChroma.

Reasons why everything is super:

In clever speak, 'Super' has origins in Latin as a preposition and as a prefix as above, beyond, in addition, to an especially high degree; akin to Greek hypér, Sanskrit upari. See, its super clever :)

Reasons why I...

One of a kind.

Be original.

There is nothing quite like an original. Everybody knows that. Elvis Presley, the Mona Lisa, Bohemian Rhapsody, the Grand Canyon, Nijinsky (the horse AND/OR the dancer) and Heinz baked beans. All true originals.

Originality is precious. Something to cherish. To enjoy. To hold dear. Something of real and honest value. A precise point in time manifested into an individual ‘thing’. And in the world of art it is especially precious. It represents a single visual manifestation of an original idea. A one off. Where there is not another one exactly the same in the whole wide world....


A number of clients have asked me why I don't advertise my artworks ready framed. 
I thought I had better explain...

Firstly, and probably most sensibly, it is like walking on broken glass. Literally. There are very few ways of delivering artworks in a completely reliable and economical way, once you have put them behind a fragile, glass screen. Shipping pre framed artworks for me is fraught with worry and apprehension. Which is not the best way to deliver visual happiness to its new home. So firstly its down to delivery: the perfect service just doesn't really exist yet for an small scale,...

A studio under the trees.

A studio under the trees.

This morning is just a little bit different. I am feeling so excited and so super lucky.

After what seems like far too many weekends of digging and chopping and planning and building, our garden feels like a garden once again. And right at the end of the lush green grass, under a huge conifer and a lime green sycamore, is my beautiful new painting studio. It is simple and functional, wooden and light. It is airy and fresh and oh so quiet. It is absolutely beautiful, and surrounded by green on every side. Trees and leaves, birds and...

Art in your life.

A space for art.

We all have space for art in our lives. A space for colour and shape. A space for inspiration and ideas. A space for imagination and creativity. Creativity can inspire. Colour can energise. Shape can shift. 

Be inspired. Be bold. Make space for art in your life.