A number of clients have asked me why I don't advertise my artworks ready framed. 
I thought I had better explain...

Firstly, and probably most sensibly, it is like walking on broken glass. Literally. There are very few ways of delivering artworks in a completely reliable and economical way, once you have put them behind a fragile, glass screen. Shipping pre framed artworks for me is fraught with worry and apprehension. Which is not the best way to deliver visual happiness to its new home. So firstly its down to delivery: the perfect service just doesn't really exist yet for an small scale, artisan like me. 

Secondly, and more subjectively, choosing a frame for an artwork is a very personal choice. Many people have fixed ideas on the frame as soon as they see the painting. They know exactly how they would like Ian artwork to display. Add to this the inifinite range of options ....bespoke or off the shelf, boxed, gilt, raw edge, recessed, floating, mounted... the list is endless. There are so many types of frames and framing options, and often only you know which would fit into your space.

Which is why I offer my paintings naked. Unframed. In their natural state. Phew :)

Off the shelf

However, I do also understand that some buyers might just want to buy an off the shelf frame to display a painting as a quick and easy fix. So here are a few options which I have worked with in the past which deliver great results for not a huge investment... 

Ribba by Ikea
Simple, functional, super affordable and easy to hang. Come in a  huge range of sizes and look great as single hangings or collaged together for multi piece artworks.

Virserum by Ikea
These frames are a little more substantial than the Ribba ones and have a little more detailing to them. They look especially nice in the square formats.

Monro by Habitat
Floating frames are really popular with a lot of clients and these offer great value and look super stylish.

Ontario by Habitat.
This are the ultimate simple white frame. They also happen to come to come in a huge range of sizes which fit a lot of my paintings too!

Habitat have also written a super helpful framing guide here.

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