One of a kind.

Be original.

There is nothing quite like an original. Everybody knows that. Elvis Presley, the Mona Lisa, Bohemian Rhapsody, the Grand Canyon, Nijinsky (the horse AND/OR the dancer) and Heinz baked beans. All true originals.

Originality is precious. Something to cherish. To enjoy. To hold dear. Something of real and honest value. A precise point in time manifested into an individual ‘thing’. And in the world of art it is especially precious. It represents a single visual manifestation of an original idea. A one off. Where there is not another one exactly the same in the whole wide world. An original.

Which is why I choose to paint. Making marks in pencil and paint and ink and spray using my hands and eyes with gut feeling and intuition. Knowing that the results of my work are mine alone. They are human and real and now. They are one offs. Never to be repeated. Never to be reproduced. Originals.

I love the idea of creating and making new paintings. New ideas brought to life. For others to look upon and relate to and interact with and hopefully to enjoy. And I especially love the idea that the individuals, real individuals, who buy my paintings are really buying something individual. An original artwork, in a world of prints and copies and risographs and screenprints. A real life, one off. Made with love and feeling and emotion. By hand and eye. And created from start to finish by me.

Make a statement. Be one of a kind. Be original. Buy original.

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