Ali Peate

A little bit about me...

I live and work in the suburbs of London. It is leafy and green and there is space to breathe. And at the same time it is vibrant and busy and full up of people and noises and scenes. 

I have always made paintings and drawings, as far back as I can remember. Creativity and ideas have always been at the centre of my life. Right from being small, drawing ponies from magazines and watching Tony Hart’s gallery I loved to draw. Later, spending time at art college  cemented my love of everything visual and started me on my career path where design, illustration and painting were at the centre of everything.  

My most recent paintings are driven by a single, very simple, personal visual investigation. This stems from the my fascination with the relationship between the hard and structured logic of science, and the fuzzy, warm chaos of everyday human life. My constantly changing attitudes to these two concepts, and their visual representations, provide me with a strong central direction. I am constantly excited by the interplay between the two seemingly opposing ideas, and find huge inspiration in the space where they meet, in my own experiences.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer just over 5 years ago has given me the passion and desire to create positive, bold paintings from my experiences. Intertpreting the analytical and scientific aspects of my experiences through a visual medium, has allowed me to explore these opposing relationships in a positive and creative way. My work allows me to take a single idea and explode it visually, zooming in, in super high definition, on the aspects which fascinate me most.

I work very quickly and intuitively, and often on 3 or 4 or more paintings at any one time. I am entirely inspired by the process of painting itself, the physical act of mark making and the creation of shape. I start with a single and very simple idea or form, which grows out of the key theme of my work, the human relationship with order and chaos. These initial shapes of ideas develop quickly as I work, physically painting and drawing them into reality. Working spontaneously in this way allows me to visualise some more of the emotional and untouchable aspects of my life which is found in my paintings.

I find inspiration everywhere
Literally everywhere… including… Tony Hart and his gallery, Don DeLillo, Josef Muller Brockmann, Douglas Coupland, Groundhog Day, Alan Fletcher, The Tiger Who Came To Tea and everything Judith Kerr, Jean Michael Basquiat, Horse & Pony Magazine (1980 to 1986), Gert Dunbar.. the list is endless