In my paintings I am interested in exploring the visual relationship between human response to order and logic. I find that working quickly using a variety of paints and painterly technicques works for me as it allows me instant access to the visual order and/or chaos which so fascinates me. I make my paintings on paper, canvas and and found materials and objects, often working with whatever I have to hand. Ideas usually start as scribbles and sketches, often taking shape digitally using an iPad or iPhone. This allows me to experiment quickly with colour and form which can then develop to fully painted pieces.

Pair Paintings

This is an ongoing series of paintings which are completely central to my current work.  The series  explores the very visual relationship which science and medicine constructs around a central human form. The paintings form a visual narrative and represent my personal and emotional response to the structure and logic of science and progress. They seek to give give visibility to intangible feelings and create a sense of visual order through chaos. See this full collection here.


This series of paintings have taken shape over a number of months, and have developed as a direct response to a series of digital sketches which I made on my iPhone. They are based around the idea of exploding scientific reality into basic forms and shapes. By exploring micro visualisations I extend the concept of flat, digital shapes and forms, transferring the compositions into paint and paper. I am excited and fascinated by the difference and similarity between digital methods of mark making and more painterly techniques, and enjoy exploring the interplay between the two. See this collection here.


This is a series of paintings which have taken shape over the summer of 2017 and explore the ideas of micro focus on colour and shape within scientific imaging. By creating imaginary scientific details in these physically small micro paintings I am seeking to bring life to cold hard data through fuzzy visual logic. I am caught up by the interplay between digital visualisations, such as those found in scientific imaging, and human mark making, and enjoy exploring the creative space between the two communications. See this collection here.

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